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Tips for New Hotwives

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New Hotwives

The number 1 rule in the Cuckolding lifestyle is that no always means NO!

Anyone can say no at anytime while Cuckolding. If the other person or people do not stop immediately then they are committing rape and will never be allowed to any Cuckolds events again.

Welcome, Hotwives are very sought after.

Hotwives used to be so rare that they were nicknamed Unicorns. Happily the last 10 years has seen a steady growth of Hotwives looking to explore their sexuality in the Cuckolding scene.

More than half of the single guys who advertise on my sites would like to meet you. You can afford to be choosy, and pick the person or people you want to play with.

Once you create your profile on New Jersey Cuckolds you will probably be hit with hundreds of messages, so be prepared to do a lot of reading. When you write your profile explain exactly what you are looking for, even eye/hair colour, some of the guys do read the profiles before responding, but many just send a standard response to every girl and couple who advertise in the hope that someone somewhere will want them. If you are happy to respond to all the messages say so in the ad, if you will not be responding to some people - those with no photo, those who have brown eyes when you asked for blue etc. - say so in your profile.

Be honest, and keep to your word. Describe yourself accurately. If you are a size 16, say so, don't pretend that you are a size 12-14. Guys are not quite so stupid that on meeting you they will not realize. You will also find that there is a big demand for larger girls. 

If you say in your profile that all messages will be answered, answer them, even if just to use the auto "Thanks, but no thanks" auto reply.

If you do find someone you want to meet make sure you do so in a safe environment, not at that persons house. Meet in a pub or hotel lounge, make sure you are happy with them in a social setting before making arrangements to meet them in private. If they say they are a couple talk to both people on their telephone, make a note of their number - you must make sure that you talk to both of them, do not accept excuses that the partner is late home from work, putting the kids to bed, nursing a dying mother or screwing the Washington Redskins football team, if you cannot talk to them, they probably do not exist, or are not aware of the situation their husband or partner is trying to put them in.

When you leave home make sure someone knows where you are going, leave a sealed envelope to be opened if you do not ring in by a certain time, in it put the email addresses, telephone number and location of the meeting, its better to be safe and embarrassed than dead.

Whoever you are going to meet remember that although its scary, the other people will be as nervous as you. Don't get drunk or drugged up. No once fancies people who are not in control of their faculties. A couple of drinks to steady the nerves is OK, bouncing off the walls and throwing up is not going to impress anyone.

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