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What is a Cuckold?

  • Post by DirtyDavid

A Cuckold is a man whose wife (Hotwife) "cheats" on him with another man or men (Bulls).

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Who Are Cuckolds?

  • Post by DirtyDavid

Cuckolds are people who live an alternative lifestyle. In the past being a Cuckold was regarded as being shameful.

These days Cuckolding is more of a fetish, The Hotwife is "Cheating" on her Cuckold husband with his knowledge and his full involvement.

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Why Join New Jersey Cuckolds?

  • Post by DirtyDavid

We have more Cuckolds in New Jersey than any other Cuckolds Contact website. We have thousands of local Cuckold Couples, Hotwives and Bulls waiting to meet someone like you.

Our simple joining process takes less than 5 minutes to complete, one email to confirm your email address and you can start browsing the profiles of New Jersey Cuckolds members.

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Cuckolding Terminology

  • Post by DirtyDavid

Since I started building Cuckolds sites in the late 1990's, it became obvious that many people do not understand what a lot of the acronyms (abbreviations) used within the scene mean.

Around the world the language used by Cuckold Couples is different depending on local custom, but many terms stay the same.

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How do I use the site to contact Cuckolds?

  • Post by DirtyDavid

Contacting Cuckolds in New Jersey is simple using this website.

It takes less than 5 minutes to create a profile. Once you have created your profile you can start searching our members database for Cuckold Couples, Hotwives and Bulls in your choisen area.

You can use the chat rooms and Video Chat Rooms to talk to people who share your interest in Cuckolding, you can also read the forums about Cuckolding and send messages to other members to arrange meetings and events.

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Can you send me a list of local Cuckolds?

  • Post by DirtyDavid

We are regularly asked if we can introduce people or provide a list of Cuckold Couples or Hotwives in a specific area, or asked to hook people up directly.

We cannot do personal introductions, we have over 5 million members, it would be impossible for us to match people.

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