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Cuckold Terminology

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Cuckolding Terminology

There are many different terms used in the Cuckolding scene which either do not exist in other adult scenes or which have a different meaning. This is a list of some of the more commonly used terms, but I am sure there are many more that I have not included.


  • The traditional meaning of Cuckold is "a man whose wife has been publicly cheating on him with another man or men".
  • Some modern definitions are:
    • A man who enjoys the fantasy of his Hotwife going out and having sex with other men.
    • A man who enjoys his Hotwife going out to have sex with other men then coming home and telling him about it.
    • A men who enjoys being "Forced" to watch as his Hotwife has sex with other men.


  • A Hotwife is wife who has sex with men other than her Cuckold husband:
    • With her Cuckold watching
    • In a group situation with her Cuckold husband watching
    • On a date with another man, later returning home and telling her husband about the date while they have sex or she makes him give her a creampie cleanup.


  • A Sissy is a man who is forced to act as a woman by his Hotwife.


  • Sissying is the name given to the fetish where the Cuckold is dressed and forced to act as a female by his Hotwife.
  • This can include forcing the Cuckold to give her Bull oral or even anal sex.

Cuckold Queen

  • A wife who is compliant in her fetish for her husband's unfaithfullness or adultery.
  • The female equivalent of the male cuckold.
  • The true cuckquean will be a willing participant in the sex act between the husband and the third part female and may be subjected to humiliation and degraging sexual acts by both husband and partner.


  • A Bull is a male lover used by a Hotwife to Cuckold her husband.
  • A male lover used by a Hotwife to impregnate her to shame her husband.


  • The sperm left on or inside a Hotwife.

Creampie Cleanup

  • The oral removal of sperm from a Hotwifes body by her Cuckold


  • BBC - Big Black Cock.
  • A common fetish in the Caucasian Cuckolding scene is for the Howife to only have Black lovers. The Hotwife may wear jewelry with a Ace of Spades symbol or even go as far as to have a Ace of Spades tattoo on her ankle.

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